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Is it time for Hatteras Island to welcome food trucks?

Saturday 22 July 2017 at 12:33 am


When I was an intern in the late 1980s covering the N.Y. State Legislature, I used to go outside every day on the Capitol square for lunch. The streets were lined with food trucks, serving all kinds of homemade fresh food. My favorite was the falafel and tabbouleh, but there were lots of other choices. As a lunch option, it was fast, cheap,delicious and healthy.

Over the decades since, food trucks have became all the rage and can now be found in practically every city and resort area. Some of the owner/chefs have become famous and rich. The genre even has been a popular feature on cable TV travel and cooking shows.

An Oct. 2016 article in Buzzfeed highlighted the top food trucks in North Carolina. Food offerings included tacos, BBQ, Asian dumplings and pho, pressed sandwiches, gourmet meats, grilled cheese, hot chicken, kabobs, gourmet burgers, and burritos.

But for a number of reasons, including zoning laws, food trucks are not something we see very often on the Outer Banks, unless it’s a special event. One notable exception is Eduardo’s Taco Truck on Ocracoke Island, which is parked by the Variety Store and has been a big hit with tourists.

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The Things Left Behind on the Beach

Friday 14 July 2017 at 10:52 pm


In August of 2016, the Island Free Press posted a story about the growing concern of beach gear being left behind on the shore overnight – or even abandoned altogether after an island vacation.

It wasn’t a new topic by any means, but at the time, both Irene and I had an inkling that the problem of “stuff left behind” was worse in 2016 than in the years before. We both noted going to the beach in the evenings or in the early morning hours, and coming across those big metal tent frames, or piles of broken beach chairs and umbrellas that were deposited next to the dune line or a nearby trash can.

And it looks like the wave of abandoned beach items is a topic that continues into 2017 as well.

In the past month, we’ve received a couple comments and emails about things left behind on the beach, and several folks have said that while they’re not sure if the presence of abandoned beach gear is better or worse than 2016, it’s still certainly noticeable.

So why is this happening, what’s the harm, and who is cleaning the mess up?

All good questions to consider, but let’s start with the easiest question first – which is who is cleaning up our collective mess.

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Getting off the Point – Our New Famous Island

Saturday 01 July 2017 at 11:38 pm

So I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s a new island off the Point.

And it’s attracted just a little bit of attention.

The island – (or sandbar depending on who you ask... and depending on the tide for that matter) – has been dominating national and even international headlines. If you do a Google News Search for “New Island,” you’ll see dozens of listings that features the now famous photo taken by Connecticut visitor Chad Koczera.

Here’s just a sample of the magazines, newspapers, and media outlets that have covered this less-than-a-mile long spot in Buxton: National Geographic, CBS News, ABC News, Good Morning America, CNN, Fox News, BBC, The Telegraph, News and Observer, Newsweek, Travel + Leisure, The Weather Channel, Huffington Post, USA Today, the

Smithsonian, and NPR – which interviewed our Cape Hatteras National Seashore Superintendent Dave Hallac in a recent segment for “All Things Considered.”

You could easily go on, but you get the Point – and so does everyone else.

In essence, our island was ridiculously famous this week.

So considering this newfound fame, the question that’s been circling in many local conversations is simple – Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

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