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Hi, and welcome to my "Editor's Blog"! In this space I'll be attempting to keep our readers informed on fast-breaking news and issues affecting our islands. Visit often. There's a lot going on!

Enjoy the Island Free Press and, even more importantly, enjoy our wonderful barrier island!!!




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Salvo Jimmy (Where are the Foo…): Chicago, hardly. Foot long Mooney Dog “all the way”.
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Blogging about the blog

Sunday 21 June 2009 at 1:14 pm I have always believed that a newspaper should be a marketplace of ideas -- a forum for the community to express its views and opinions.
That has certainly happened on my last blog, titled “Don’t beat up the county about beach access – there are better ways to spend our time.”
And that is good.
To set the record straight, I certainly am not putting down the current effort to get folks involved in the process of ORV rulemaking.
However, I believe that the organizing and fundraising effort should start now to gear up for the public comment on the draft Environmental Impact Statement and preferred alternative for the rule. And eventually to address the final rule in the courts, if that is necessary.
Others who have posted on the blog disagree.
And that is their right, of course. Read More

Don't beat up the county about beach access - there are better ways to spend our time

Thursday 18 June 2009 at 08:47 am A standing room only crowd of about 125 people showed up at the meeting of the Dare County Board of Commissioners on Monday evening, June 15.

They came to speak at the meeting’s public comment period about the beach access issues on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

Twenty-five folks stepped up to the microphone to comment.

The comment period went on for more than an hour, and the commissioners listened to each speaker patiently and with respect.

It is terrific that all of these people are making such an effort to be informed and to speak out on the beach access issue -- and especially last year’s consent decree that settled a lawsuit by environmental groups about the lack of an off-road vehicle plan on the seashore. Read More

Rainbows over Hatteras ¦ WITH A SLIDE SHOW

Monday 15 June 2009 at 1:26 pm By late afternoon on Friday, June 12, it looked as if Hatteras Island would get a really big thunderstorm.

The National Weather Service had posted a severe thunderstorm watch, and radar showed big blobs of red – storms across the sound.  The thunder echoed as the sky grew darker, and the system moved west toward Hatteras.

Then the storms came and went – with little of the stormy part.  Only a little over a tenth of an inch of rain was measured in Frisco.  There were only a few impressive claps of thunder.  And, according to the National Weather Service, the wind never gusted higher than 26 mph from the west.

But something even more impressive happened as the dark and foreboding gust front passed over the island.

The sky turned from black to almost navy blue, and then light became greenish, pink, and other colors, casting a strange glow over the landscape.

Next two rainbows appeared – one very bright and one just a little more subdued.

Lynne Foster said that on her street in Hatteras village, the residents poured out of their homes with digital cameras to capture the sight.

“It was a really neat community event,” Foster said. Read More